• Get in early! TRT token presale!
  • 15 August, 2022

Welcome to the first crypto-aimed VPN

Welcome to the presale of the TYREX token. Buy our tokens earlier and support the project. Early buyers will be benefited with discount on TYREX tokens. Price on the presale is lower than price on the launch of token. To prevent dump of tokens, there will be locks for presale tokens. Buy earlier = get your tokens earlier. As we think, this is the fairest system. You buy with discount, but do not dump on the launch.

Sold out
Start of presale
October, 1
End of presale
October, 15

You can purchase TRT at the most favourable rate.

You can purchase TRT with a profit margin of 20%

Token launch
Time until claim
October, 29 - November, 12
Cost graph
Oct, 1
Oct, 2
Oct, 3
Oct, 4
Oct, 5
Oct, 6
Oct, 7
Oct, 8
Oct, 9
Oct, 10
Oct, 11
Oct, 12
Oct, 13
Oct, 14
Min purchase per wallet
Max purchase per wallet

Crypto-aimed project

Use our TRT token not only to buy VPN, but also to earn crypto daily! Stake tokens in the pools and get rewards based on your subscription plan, longer plan = higher rewards in the staking. Kill two birds with one stone!

We are crypto aimed project. You can pay with crypto to buy our VPN, stay safe! Also, in the future we will expand available services – proxies shop, hosting company, dedicated servers etc. Pay for everything in crypto and get the best services!

How to take part

Connect wallet

At first, please connect your crypto wallet. You can use Metamask or any other wallet from the wallet connect. Use only bep-20 wallet, as TYREX VPN is operating in the binance smart chain.


Join presale and buy TRT tokens. There is maximum buy per wallet, but you can buy in different days. Important – this is not usual presale, your tokens will be locked after purchase. Buy earlier = get your tokens earlier. Check out all information in the appropriate section.

Claim your tokens

After lock up period will end, you will be able to claim purchased TRT tokens. Until the end of the period, you can keep track of time before the end. You can check that time in the “Order history” section.