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At this moment, we have:

USA, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Great Britain.

You use our VPN on all devices! Windows, macOS, android and IOS.

Yes, we will add more countries in the future! But that is based on demand, if people need new countries, we will add them, otherwise – no reason to do so.

Yes! First of all you can use your crypto wallet to set up account. Second—you can pay with crypto. Third – while you are using VPN, we are not collecting your data!

Yes! Completely safe. Traffic in our VPN is encrypted and protected, plus everything is anonymous.

At this moment, you can buy VPN only with TRT tokens.

Yes! Later we will add cryptocurrencies plus Visa/MasterCard payments.

The longest plan = the best plan, because it has the highest discount and highest APY’s for staking.

Yes, you will.

If you are using VPN, you can stake TRT tokens and earn. You have two options: single pool and TRT-USDT LP farm.

APY for pools is based on your VPN subscription. Buy higher plan(longer plan) and get higher APY for staking!

You need to buy TRT tokens within the specified two weeks.

If you are buying on private sale, you will get tokens with discount! The price of launch will be higher than you can buy on “fair launch”.

You will get your tokens 2 weeks minimum, 4 weeks maximum. If you buy tokens earlier, your tokens will be unlocked earlier.

Money will be used to create liquidity for the TRT token.

Yes! In the future, we will release a referral system for the VPN. You could invite friends and if they buy VPN, you will get a percent.

Please, choose “add custom token” in your wallet, choose BSC bep20 network, then type decimals = 18 and type contract of TRT token =

Yes, you can buy and sell it anytime. We can't block it.

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