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We’ve created an app that adds value to your online experience, secure, fast with best quality. Plus crypto integrated, pure web3 project.

Impeccable speed

Impeccable speed – Best servers everywhere around the world are ready for you. Our servers are great, so you will not feel at all, that you are using VPN. Do your daily tasks using VPN without any problems with connection.

Maximum security

Maximum security – Use our VPN and be protected all the time! All personal data is encrypted. Your actions are untracked. Protect yourself from any possible identity theft and prevent sharing your private information with websites and crypto projects.

Crypto aimed

Crypto aimed – Pay with crypto and earn crypto! We have maximum integration with cryptocurrencies. Buy our token, stake it in the pool's available pools and get great rewards as passive income! You can spend our tokens to prolong VPN.

Totally anonymous

Totally anonymous – You can use crypto wallet for the registration and pay with crypto tokens. On top of that – no one can track your location, your IP address is hidden.

Any number of devices

Any number of devices – We do not have limitations on maximum amount of devices. Use our VPN everywhere in your house! Our VPN is available on IOS, Android, macOS and Microsoft.

24/7 support

24/7 support – Any problems with payment, network connection, or you need to re-bind wallet? — Welcome to our 24/7 support. Our managers will help you solve the problem as fast as possible.

Crypto-aimed project

Use our TRT token not only to buy VPN, but also to earn crypto daily! Stake tokens in the pools and get rewards based on your subscription plan, longer plan = higher rewards in the staking. Kill two birds with one stone!

We are crypto aimed project. You can pay with crypto to buy our VPN, stay safe! Also, in the future we will expand available services – proxies shop, hosting company, dedicated servers etc. Pay for everything in crypto and get the best services!

Protect all necessary devices!

What are you using? IOS, Android, macOS or Microsoft? VPN is available on all devices! Protect everything with our ultra speed, safe VPN.

Use our VPN on all devices in your house! No maximum devices, buy once and use with all family members.

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Referral system

Invite your friends, spread referral link across the internet or put link under your video to earn 10% from each subscription purchase! Our VPN is not only really fast and crypto-friendly, but also giving you opportunity to earn in different ways. Stake TRT tokens – or invite people and earn, while they are using VPN.

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